Stew Leonard's KCup Coffee Selection Gift

  • Stew Leonard's KCup Coffee Selection Gift
  • Stew Leonard's Donut Shop Blend Single Serve Coffee
  • Stew Leonard's Stew's Choice Single Serve Coffee
  • Stew Leonard's New York City Roast Single Serve Coffee Pods
  • Stew Leonard's Hazelnut Single Serve Coffee

Stew Leonard’s Single Serve Bestselling Brew Cups (4-pack)

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Perfect for coffee lovers, this gift box contains one box of each of our bestselling brew cups – New York City Roast, Stew’s Choice, Donut Shop and Hazelnut. Stew Leonard’s New York City Roast is a dark roast coffee, a unique blend of fine Arabica beans. This roast, similar to a French Roast process, offers low acidity with a bold, bittersweet flavor. Stew Leonard’s Stew’s Choice is a medium roast and one of the most popular products sold in our stores. Fruity notes with a traditional, sweet aroma. Medium acidity and good body makes this coffee a timeless treasure. Stew Leonard’s Donut Shop is a light roast coffee from a balanced blend of the most prestigious Central and South American Arabica beans. Stew Leonard’s Hazelnut Coffee Single Serve Brew Cups are one of the most popular flavors in our stores. The great flavor and the irresistible aroma of toasted hazelnuts make this a true treat. Stew’s farmers are up with the roosters every morning, so not just any cup of joe will do! Stew Leonard’s single serve brew cups are made with 100% Arabica coffee beans. These beans are grown at high altitudes and receive hands-on care during the growing process. Our single serve brew cups are the perfect way to enjoy your favorite Stew’s coffee!

Product Details

Each gift box contains 4 boxes of Stew Leonard’s Bestselling Brew Cups. 100% Arabica coffee. Each box contains 18 single serve brew cups. Compatible with most K-Cup® brewers. Net weight: 2lbs 1oz



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