Mountain of Brownies - 2 Gallon

Mountain of Brownies - 2 Gallon

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Our brownie buckets are filled with four different varieties of mouthwatering brownies. There is no shortage of "rich" and "delicious" in this BEST SELLER, and they're all individually wrapped. A bucket filled with decadent, fudgy, chocolatey goodness that ships free? What's not to love!?

Product Details

Brownie Bash Squares are fudgy brownies with chocolate icing, topped with chocolate chips and white chocolate chips, and drizzled again with more white chocolate, Double Crunch Brownies are rich fudgy brownies topped with chocolate chip streusel, Brookie Bar- A brownie and chocolate chip cookie rolled into one delicious square and Sea Salt Caramel Drizzle Fudge Brownies. All brownies are individually wrapped.

Net Wt. 5lbs. 10oz. Contains 60 Brownies



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