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Items 1 to 10 of 11 total

  1. Holy Cow Gourmet Gift Box Holy Cow Gourmet Gift Box

    Holy Cow Gourmet Gift Box

    This box guarantees a “HOLY COW!” reaction as soon as it is opened! Cookies, peppermint bark, chocolate covered rice cakes, brownies, gummy bears, and gourmet chocolates are nestled alongside cheese, crackers, and nuts. Stew Leonard’s signature peanut butter pretzels, Munchie Mix and our ooey-gooey, extra fudgey brownies. Learn More

  2. Stew's Favorite Fruit & Cheese Gift Stew's Favorite Fruit & Cheese Gift

    Stew's Favorite Fruit & Cheese Gift

    Just like shopping the store with Stew! This box is bursting with Stew Leonard Jr’s favorites from his family’s farm fresh food stores. Includes crisp apples and pears and tree-ripened pistachios from our produce department; cheese, meat, crackers, and jam hand-selected from our deli; an assortment of fresh cookies from Bethy’s Bakery and fudgy brownies; and a divine selection of wrapped chocolates. Learn More

  3. Snack Attack Snack Attack

    Snack Attack

    When your loved one is burning the midnight oil during final exams or is living on their own for the first time, Stew’s Snack Attack box will hit the spot. A tasty mix of crunchy favorites – including a party mix, cheese balls, peanut butter pretzels and peanuts – are packaged alongside best-selling candies, our famous Cranberry Fitness Mix, and our all-natural, whole grain granola. Learn More

  4. The Ultimate Fruit & Cheese The Ultimate Fruit & Cheese

    The Ultimate Fruit & Cheese

    Stew Leonard's celebrates 50 years of fresh, family and fun! This basket has our widest variety of fresh-from-the-orchard fruits PLUS a selection of savory and sweet snacks. It's the perfect gift for every occasion with 12 pieces of handpicked, farm-fresh fruit, rich, dark chocolate, pepperoni, two types of creamy, savory cheeses, flatbread crackers, jam, and pistachios! Plus, it includes free ground shipping. Learn More

  5. Taste of Bethy's Bakery Taste of Bethy's Bakery

    Taste of Bethy's Bakery

    Bethy Leonard started Stew Leonard’s in-store bakery in 1984. Today, Bethy and her team of bakers are still whipping up some of Stew Leonard’s best-loved bakery treats fresh daily! This new gift box features some of Bethy’s favorites, including her freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, handmade peppermint barks, two types of chocolate-covered rice cakes, and a box of assorted brownies. Learn More

  6. Classic Fruit & Cheese Classic Fruit & Cheese

    Classic Fruit & Cheese

    A classic and crowd-pleasing box of everyone’s favorites! A delightful mix of both sweet and savory, featuring farm-fresh apples and pears as well as Stew Leonard’s best-selling flatbread crackers, sharp yellow cheddar cheese, a dark chocolate bar, and a peppermint bark bar.. Learn More

  7. Stew's Signature Fruit & Cheese Stew's Signature Fruit & Cheese

    Stew's Signature Fruit & Cheese

    When you can’t be there in person, Stew’s Signature Fruit & Cheese box says it all. Everything flatbread crackers are packaged alongside two types of cheese and jam as well as a tin of Virginia peanuts, apples, and pears. A tin of our best-selling assorted rice cakes and a bar of dark chocolate will satisfy a sweet tooth, too. Learn More

  8. Stew's Choice Stew's Choice

    Stew's Choice

    An updated twist to the original! Stew Leonard, Sr. developed the first “Stew’s Choice” gift basket more than 30 years ago. Today, we’ve updated Stew’s Choice with the perfect mix of sweet and salty, including our best-selling chocolate dipped rice cakes, tree ripened pistachios from California’s San Joaquin Valley, gourmet chocolates, flatbread crackers, cheese, and a luscious jam. Learn More

  9. Sweets & Snacks Sweets & Snacks

    Sweets & Snacks

    A little bit of crunch, a little bit of sweet, and a whole lot of WOW! Our Sweets & Snacks box features two types of pretzels, our Munchie Mix trail mix, a dark chocolate bar, and our assorted brownie box featuring four delicious, decadent, and fudgy brownies. Learn More

  10. Simply Sweets Simply Sweets

    Simply Sweets

    Satisfy a sweet tooth with this delectable box of goodies! Features chocolate chip cookies fresh from Bethy’s Bakery as well as caramel popcorn, a box of assorted brownies, and a delicious dark chocolate bar. Learn More


Items 1 to 10 of 11 total



Items 1 to 10 of 11 total


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