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If you are a first time visitor to our site we recommend that you register with our site. by registering with us online you will enjoy faster checkouts and only need to enter billing information at the time of registration. Create an account and enjoy easy checkout every time you shop. As a standard practice, Stew Leonard's does not share any personally-identifiable or private customer information submitted on-line with third parties, unless they are acting as an intermediary. Some examples of intermediaries include shippers, Internet service providers, fulfillment houses and credit card companies.

Step 1. Registration.
Step 2. Address Book.
Step 3. Shopping and Searching for Items.
Step 4. Purchasing an Item.
Step 5. Viewing your shopping Cart.
Step 6. Checkout.

1) Registration
New Customer Dialog Click on the Register button on the home page or the My Account button in the upper right hand corner. This will bring you to the registration page where you will begin to create your account. Please make sure to fill in all of the required fields. Your email account will be your login id so that it is easier for you to remember. Please create a password that is at least 6 characters long! Once you complete the registration process you will be automatically logged into the web site. You can come back at any time and edit your personal information.

My Account Dialog

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2) Address Book
Once you have successfully registered with Stew Leonard's Online, you can start to create and edit your personal address book. This allows you to keep a list of your gift recipients. Once you are logged in you can select a from a drop down list of people in your address book for whom you want to send a gift to. As with your registration please make sure to fill out all of the required fields which are in red.

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3) Shopping and Searching for Items
Stew Leonard's sells many gifts for many different occasions from Fresh Fruit baskets to Popcorn Tins. Our gift catalog is broken down into several different categories Fresh Fruit, Fresh Baked, Gift Baskets, Gift Towers, Goodies, Popcorn Tins, and Gift Certificates. You can browse anyone of the categories from the Side Bar or go to the main Shop page where you can search for items by occasion, price, category.

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4) Purchasing an Item
By clicking on anyone of the product images you will be brought to the Main Product page which will describe the item in greater detail and allow you to add it to your shopping cart. Please remember to fill out the information requested, If you are logged in and have created an address book (Step 2) then all of your recipients will be listed in the drop-down box.

An important note to remember if you are ordering an item for someone besides your self then you will need to fill out the Gift From and Gift Message text box. Any Items shipped to myself will not require those text fields to be filled out.

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Please note that certain items will need two or next day delivery.

5) Viewing your shopping Cart
After you have added items to your shopping cart. You can view your shopping cart by clicking on View Cart from the Side Bar. This will show you what is in your shopping cart and to whom is receiving the items. From your shopping cart you can edit any line item, change the recipient, delivery date, gift message or remove the item completely from your shopping cart.

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6) Checkout
Finally when you are ready to complete your buying, you must start the checkout process. You can get to the checkout window two ways, the first is on the view cart page, click on the "Check Out" button. The other method is after adding an item to your shopping cart you will be asked if you want to checkout. After selecting checkout it will prompt you to login if you are not already logged into the site. Once you are logged in the system will check to make sure that all of your recipients have valid shipping address. If any recipients are missing address then you will need to provide their address at this time.

Once all of the recipient information has been entered into the system, if any was missing, you will be shown your shopping cart along with billing information and your credit card info if you provided it at the time of registration. If you did not enter in your credit card info at the time of registration than you will be prompted to do so now. You can also redeem any promotion codes that you have. When you have finished looking over your order click on the Submit Order" button to process your shopping cart. You will be shown your order number and you will also receive an email copy of that order.

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